Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day
all the Oma s' in the world.

mummy, i loVe you..

see ya in July..

Take care..

stay healthy




*home sick

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Im actually waiting for an important call, while waiting i was suppose to take a nap,but im afraid my nap is not gonna take awhile as tonnes of work awaiting for me. and since i was in a bloggin mood so here im bloggin while waitin.

...A very long and tiring today, its like a never ending day for me. Lectures, class, assignments discussion continuously for the day. Well, Things are getting more hectic in Taylors nowadays which also means datelines for most of the assignments. And when you actually busy rushing the assignments you wouldnt notice that finals is just around the corner. Sigh, not much time left for finals preparation joh..

5 more assignments to go after tonight.
* I can do it*
Good fren's advised-->be positive and always think that its easy, you will definitely get over with this.*thanks for the support* k then, gotta get back to work now-indulging myself in the assignment world=.=

i cant wait for tomoro.......=)

people around me started to change...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

People out there..HeLLooO?
Im still alive. LOL Had been MIA for sometime and here im start bloggin again. Having my Mid sem break at the moment and it gonna end in 2 days time. Real soon huh? *sigh.. But for me Break is really break. Chilling most of the days like nobody's business. Been sticking myself to the lappie for korean series. =) "boys before flowers"--> a must watch for those who is hunting for hot guys and who loves romance. I ll rate it 8/10 so far as im stil watching.
"Ja oh Ja" Say NO to Procrastination!
Tonnes of assignments calling me since the 1st day of my holiday.Gonna die or vomit out assignments in the coming 2 weeks.
You! be with me ya. hehe

my holiday started off with an outing with the bestiest-Tzun Goh~
Malaysian famous singer Fish leong had a mini autograph session at SgWang last Sat and that is why we ended up there.

being interview things about FishLeong=.=

our Dinner for the day
Last Sun,
my pakto day with him as the boy went back hometown. Great time together and thanks for teman-ing ya.

Random pic for the day

haa.. its been a long and tiring day today. You scare the shit out of me. Pomise me no next time k? Hugs and love, always and forever

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last thursday,chingu got back to kl with her mom..
Got her from the airport and fetch her back to her mentari

things that she brought back-boxes of food-aunty scared she will die of hunger..

Benefits of Travel with MAS airlines..
Things that the CHEAP zing took from the plane *take without asking permission* achem! achem! so cheap ho? Tzun! we got another new member that qualify to join the cheap gang! *claps*
Friday, Met up with Joanne in Pavilion who just dropped by at kl for a few days to visit us..




A yum cha session at Station 1 before she leaves to singapore..
spent the whole day at one u with them..

We are the enemies

Fool around when harn is trying her formal clothes

Dined at Italianics with the Frog Queen..

Whats wrong with her impression?
something embarrass happened? Yea..the greedy her ordered too much of food..and we couldnt finish it..
*the waiter walked to our table afew times realized that we couldnt finish the food.. and said "you all can take away the food if cannot finish it" =.=

We never gave up! we called her too seek for help by saying that we have not enough money to pay the bill..Smart right? LOL but in the end..we left the food there and ciaoz..
moral of the story-never learn to be greedy.

Went Pyramid to celebrate hanyi's belated bthday..

Hanyi, the bthday boy

camwhore session..

looking forward to the next gathering=)
*V* 2009

The greatest love of all..
our V day

Very Near to suCcesS

almost drop to Failure

no water supplied

No food
Sweet MemoriEsSs (2009)
.. fill with LOVE...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My chinese new year 2009
Finally!! i get to update my blog..Something wrong with my blogspot..couldnt upload pictures at all..YeaA~ i know im outdated..people's blog is like updating their new semester's life while im still stuck in chinese new year.. what a loser! but still i wanna share my chinese new year with you all..=)
The reunion dinner held at my place this year.

Nin cho 1
went to church pai nin with Jesus early in the morning

cousins and aunties..

pai nin with mommy and daddy-asking for angpaos

lion dance can be seen everywhere

Adeline's house

nin cho 1 's dinner
Nin cho 2
my house

the frens with my parents

pilot chee seng and me

the so called "maths session"

from rm0 to thesseee.??

tzun's place

aunty florence's place for dinner

a drink with Juddy-hing's landlady

david's house

a picture before the night ends
Nin cho 3
Kah yeag's house

yea..he droves

my high school frenss

Madeline's house

the four of us xD

vivian's house

dinner at sanbay hotel with her family
nin cho 4
xin hui's house

kennet's place

boo's place for dinner

christopher's place

koh boon eng and me
nin cho 5

my childhood frens

dinner at my place
nin cho 6

drinking session at hing's place

nin cho 7

Alot more to update actually..but im just too bored and lazy.. Hm, My 3 months break has really comes to and end .. which means Uni life gonna start real soon dy...sigh..will precious this few more days.. xD